Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Unanticipated, Part II

Apparently, I was not specific enough yesterday after the, ahem, "incident".  I was very clear that toys are NOT to be flushed down any of the toilets in our house or any house.

It did not occur to me to mention that toys should not actually be put down ANYTHING in the house, including, but not limited to, air vents in the floor:

I know that doesn't look like many toys, but here's what actually came out once I finished the spontaneous scavenger hunt:

Unfortunately, it also did not occur to me to mention that the ONLY things that are acceptable to put in toilets are toilet paper and the category of things-that-come-out-of-your-body.

So the boys figured the bathroom hand towel was fair game.

In their defense (though why I'm defending the Almost Three Year Old and Cousin at this point, I'm unsure), I did, technically, ask the Cousin if it would be all right if the next time he used the bathroom the Almost Three Year Old could watch, to get an idea of how "big boys" use the toilet.  The Cousin sweetly obliged.  It just seemed odd that they were laughing so much after using the bathroom.  But I guess when you are 3 and 4 years old, it is hysterically funny to make multiple attempts to flush a towel down the toilet....

So we had to have a bath:

Luckily, they are all ridiculously cute.

If you are interested in seeing the Cleanest Bathroom Floor in America, please feel free to drop by our house.  After two days in a row of being scrubbed, it is spotless.  We may eat dinner off of it tonight...

Monday, August 22, 2011


Child-proof knobs on most of the doors in the house? Check.

Stationary bike hidden in a locked room? Check.

All choking hazards picked up off the floor?  Check.

Baby gate reinstalled at top of stairs? Check.

Instructions about "rules in our house" (arguably, there aren't a lot) dispensed ? Check.

We're watching our nephews (aged 4 & 1) for two days to give some MUCH deserved R&R to our brother- & sister-in-law (he just returned home from a 6 month deployment in Africa).  Their baby is a dream--super easy, super good-natured, and more importantly, not a super-screamer. :-)  And our Former Baby, the Almost Three Year Old, adores playing with his "older" cousin.  They are thick as thieves.  And just as sneaky.

This morning, while I snuggled with Baby Nephew and gave him a pre-nap bottle, I listened to the boys play delightedly.  I realized, belatedly, they sounded a little "too" delighted.  Sure enough, they had found a new game to play that was WAY more fun then any of the others they'd all ready come up with, such as empty-out-the-linen-cupboard, empty-all-the-toys-onto-the-bedroom-floor, or see-who-can-gleefully-scream-the-loudest.

It's called: Flush-Toys-Down-the-Toilet-Until-You-Flood-the-Bathroom.

On the bright side... the bathroom floor is now cleaner than it's been all summer!