Monday, August 22, 2011


Child-proof knobs on most of the doors in the house? Check.

Stationary bike hidden in a locked room? Check.

All choking hazards picked up off the floor?  Check.

Baby gate reinstalled at top of stairs? Check.

Instructions about "rules in our house" (arguably, there aren't a lot) dispensed ? Check.

We're watching our nephews (aged 4 & 1) for two days to give some MUCH deserved R&R to our brother- & sister-in-law (he just returned home from a 6 month deployment in Africa).  Their baby is a dream--super easy, super good-natured, and more importantly, not a super-screamer. :-)  And our Former Baby, the Almost Three Year Old, adores playing with his "older" cousin.  They are thick as thieves.  And just as sneaky.

This morning, while I snuggled with Baby Nephew and gave him a pre-nap bottle, I listened to the boys play delightedly.  I realized, belatedly, they sounded a little "too" delighted.  Sure enough, they had found a new game to play that was WAY more fun then any of the others they'd all ready come up with, such as empty-out-the-linen-cupboard, empty-all-the-toys-onto-the-bedroom-floor, or see-who-can-gleefully-scream-the-loudest.

It's called: Flush-Toys-Down-the-Toilet-Until-You-Flood-the-Bathroom.

On the bright side... the bathroom floor is now cleaner than it's been all summer!


Melissa said...

I shouldn't be laughing. But I am.

jenifer said...

oh no!! so funny, kind of! how kind of you to take those kids... sure miss you guys!