Friday, January 29, 2010

It Was Only a Matter of Time

In good news, I haven't had a anyone spill the contents of a box of cereal in 8-1/2 years.

In even better news, unlike last time, the contents were NOT dumped out on a hide-a-bed couch where the cushions had all ready been removed (going into practically every crevice), just minutes after I got out of the shower in preparation to take a 3-month-old to the pediatrician, with the realization that if I didn't clean up the cereal immediately the 21-month-old grinning girl would dance in the kid-tested-mother-approved contents, smashing them into dust in the living room, and as I looked at my watch to see whether we would be on time to the doctor appointment, vacuuming in my, ahem, unmentionables, I thought, "I don't think this is what my high school classmates thought I would be doing when they voted me Most Likely to Succeed."

Anyway, comparatively, having Lucky Charms spilled on a TILE FLOOR is practically heavenly! (Just ask the happy baby!)
Plus, I have to give the baby props for not only managing to get it off the table, where we all thought it was out of reach, but for knowing that it was in his best interest to do so while everyone else was out of the room. Smart baby.

Also, notice in the video how carefully he grabs a marshmallow amidst the cereal mess. Good thing he's our 4th... because 8-1/2 years ago, I promise that taking a picture of our toddler girl dancing in cereal never even crossed my mind....

Unrelated: All four of our babies have worn those pajamas! (sniff, sniff)


Texas Dimons said...

I love how he is too preoccupied with the marshmallow goodness to even acknowledge the camera or mom!

jenifer said...

cute, cute baby.
i love the mom-growth.
and, grateful for the bag of malt-o-meal to help us see how far we've come.
our poor, poor first children that we ruined. :)
yup. i'm a stressed out oldest too!
oh, what an yummy baby.

Dave, Lisa, Summer and Jace said...

I guess I should appreciate the fact that Jace isn't walking or climbing. I'm sure one of these days we'll have the same picture!

Elizabeth said...

I have an almost identical picture of Henry sitting in a pile of Mini-Wheats eating them off the floor. I was so exasperated at the time, but now I laugh when I look at the picture; he looks so content, so pleased.

I can't believe how big all your kids are getting. Your girls are beautiful and your boys are darling. Hope you are doing well and having a great 2010.

Ballard 6 said...

In fairness to our school system, let Clara know that Lexi could of bought lunch and bring the money in the next day, but she didn't want to. I just can't believed that I forgot.......

John and Gayle Broberg said...

What a cutie - and we love him!

The Crider Clan said...

Tiffany,'s Melissa Crider! You have a baby!!! That is awesome! I just found your blog through Jenn Moss' blog. I'm having our 4th crider munchkin the beginning of May. A Boy! Very exciting! I think of you often and wonder how you are! Your family is so cute! Glad to see you are still "Livin' the Dream!