Monday, January 25, 2010

Please, Please Stop Growing Up!

My Baby Turns Six Years Old!
Right, I know that since I technically still have an actual baby, our third child probably no longer counts as my "baby"... but would he please stop getting older, all ready? Aah! The other day when I asked him if he could please just stay six and my little boy forever, he looked at me with a look that suggested I was differently-abled and said, "Mom, that's not even possible!"

We were all VERY lucky to have Grandma & Grandpa in town for the birthday event, and so we pulled the girls out of school early and ate lunch with the fam, grandparents, Aunt & Uncle & Nephew at everyone's dream birthday place: Chuck E. Cheese! I was a little hesitant, but it was actually awesome--who knew that Mondays-mid-day are DEAD at Chuck E. Cheese?!? Seriously, there was only one other family, and a few moms w/pre-schoolers... and by the time we left, we were literally the only ones there besides the employees. Very, very fun! And (surprise!), we actually remembered not only the camera, but to TAKE pictures!


Jaidi Clayton said...

Holy Cow! I can't believe how much your kids have grown up! WOW! It was fun reading! Sometimes I have the same thought...but i am ready for the girls to grow up...

Allie said...

She's ALIVE in blogging land!

Happy birthday SAM!

p.s. I know this was about Sam..but dang, Spencer is super cute!

Lisa said...

SIX! Wow that was fast! Happy Birthday Sam. Hopefully we will see you before your 10th birthday. Haha. What a bunch of cuties you have for kids!