Tuesday, October 26, 2010

An Elmo-rific Birthday

Where, oh where did my baby go?

Somebody really likes Elmo.  Someone formerly known as "The Baby".  (Okay, actually we still call him the baby, but since he is now TWO YEARS OLD, we should probably switch it up at some point...)

Birthday Baby Boy and Brother

The celebration was low-key... because while I love the idea of elaborate birthday parties, I'm more into attending them than planning and executing them.  So he received some fun presents (tent and Elmo backpack) from Grandma & Grandpa... and $4 worth of Elmo merchandise from mom & dad from Target's dollar spot.  (Yep, that's right--we spent a whopping $4 plus tax on our kid for his birthday.  Technically, $8 if you add in the cupcake liners and Elmo cupcake toppers.)

siblings trying not to open watching delightedly the opening of presents 

Aunt, Uncle, Cousin & Baby Cousin joined us for dinner and cupcakes that evening, which made the day more festive! 

Elmo-rific cupcake tower 

Birthday Boy on Dad's lap, singing "Happy Birthday" to himself

And to top off the evening, the little guy serenaded us with his favorite song.  "Elmo's World", of course.  We didn't capture it on video that night, but here he is tonight after his bath.  Clutching the new Elmo given to him by his Cousin.  (Please kindly ignore my own singing...)


Texas Dimons said...

So cute!! Look how big your kids are! How does that happen?! Miss you!

Leesa said...

He can't possibly be 2 yet!! What a cutie!
ps- we still refer to Sydney as "the baby," too... and she's nearly 3!

Allie said...

love the slicked hair look after the bath!

Happy Birthday Spencer!