Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Oh, the Things You Can Do! (with blankets...)

Somebody is very attached to his blankets.  The nice thing, he's not necessarily attached to any one in particular.  The not-so-nice thing is that he is attached to all of them.  So wherever he is in the house, he prefers that all of his blankets be there, too.

Last week, he danced with his blankets...

Today, he pulled a laundry basket into the living room, filled it with his blankets, and hopped in.  He mentioned he was like Baby Jesus.  Deciding that it would be infinitely more comfortable with a pillow, he confiscated one from his brother's room, settled back in... and requested that I take a picture with the "cam-ra, cam-ra!".  Yes, this is how he "smiles" for pictures right now.  Lovely, isn't it?


Jaidi Clayton said...

So stinkin' cute! So good to talk to you today!

jenifer said...

yup... he's a cutie. And such a HAM. wonder where he gets that from?

but, if your other kids read your blog i'm afraid they'll know who your favorite is!!
poor spencer can't help it if it he's cute.

GayleJohn said...

Thanks for sharing this cute video - We feel like we were there. Wouldn't it be nice if he put himself to bed all the time?