Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Halloween... Was It Only a Week Ago?

Why does it seem like Halloween was a month ago, when it was only last week?  Maybe because it was, technically, last month?  Maybe because we plowed through all of the candy so quickly?  (It seems like it should last longer...)  Regardless, I should certainly take down the Halloween decorations from our house.  Maybe tomorrow...

In the meantime, a few photos of kiddos and costumes:

  • The Almost-Teenager as a devil (headed to a friend's party on October 20)
  • The Eleven-Year-Old as a gypsy (prior to Trunk-or-Treat on October 26)
  • The Eight-Year-Old Ninja (huge props to him for being willing to wear the same costume 2 years in a row--hooray!)
  • The Just-Turned-Four-Year-Old as a skeleton.  (Muchas gracias, WalMart, for selling darling pajamas for only $6 this year!)

Clearly I'm biased, but aren't they adorable?!  There is only one thing that I think is cuter than our kids: our kids in COSTUME!!


Allie said...

make those kids stop growing up!

Super cute and great sewing job and lovely oak. :)

Sarah d' said...

AAAAAACHG!!!!! I mean the descriptions were amazing, but they don't hold a freaking CANDLE to the actual things! I mean, Clara's gypsy costume is GORGEOUS!!! An innocent bystander might think that I'm using the exclamation button on my keyboard just because I like it, but I really can't help myself!!! Really. I am so impressed! And in some ways it just hurts because it makes me miss you more than usual (which is a total TON, bytheway). And your kids are so darn good looking! Holly is the prettiest little devil I've ever seen and Clara is classically beautiful and the boys are such handsome little men! I can't stand it! BRAVO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Too much? No way!)