Sunday, November 4, 2012

Post Halloween Picnic

Because, sometimes if you have too much candy to eat all by yourself, it helps to share with "friends".  Or in this case, Webkinz stuffed animals.

Um, so yeah, that actually IS taking place in a child's bedroom.  The only thing that would make it better would be if each "friend" got his or her favorite type of candy from the pile.  Not to worry!  That situation was remedied about 1 minute after the original photo was taken:

(Note how in the first picture,  Monkey is kinda glaring at Pug.  But once Monkey has his licorice, he happily looks at his own bounty!)

I love the creativity of four-year-olds!


jenifer said...

WHAATTT?!! i LOVE that you posted on your blog?! Darling pictures. DARLING.

Livin The Dream said...

@ Jen: Yeah, I don't blog for a year, and then I just produce awesomeness like this. Hah! :-) Thanks, though!

Sarah d' said...

Obviously I would check my reading list more often if I knew you were posting! What glorious adorableness! Seriously, though. If I were monkey I would take down Halloweenie Dog in about five seconds because he took all of the Reeses. Monkey don't play dat!