Thursday, September 24, 2009

Bath Time Buddies

Ever since he has graduated to the "big boy bath", the baby loves to take baths.

Well, mostly. If the bath water starts, he gets really excited, and thinks the bath is for him. Even when his brother is all ready in the tub.
And if we try to let the five year old bathe alone, the baby just shrieks until we give in. Which means I probably shouldn't attempt bath time at the end of a day, since by that time I will do just about anything if it ensures I don't have to listen to whining in any form. So again, tonight, I let the baby invade his brother's bath.

I used to think that nothing would ever be as cute as my "bathing beauties" from when the girlies were little... but it turns out, "bath time buddies" are just as, if not more, cute than the girls were! (Shhh--don't tell them!) Or maybe it's not that they're "cuter", but simply that the 5-year-old has the best giggle in the family. *sigh* LOVE that giggle, and love those boys!


wendysue said...

You weren't kidding about that laugh! I love it!

Have you introduced the boys to the funnel in the bath tub trick? Make it a bubble bath then get them a funnel, put it pointy side up them push it down into the bath, then get ready for a mess, but some fun, the bubbles fly straight up the funnel. . .we've even had some hit the ceiling!!

Jenifer said...

cute, cute picture!! LOVE the first one!

Lisa said...

So cute, I love that giggle, it totally reminds me of Holly's when she was little. Spencer is the cutest. I can't believe he is pulling himself up in the tub like that. What a big boy. Anyway miss you guys tons.
Love ya, still working on Dave for christmas. You guys might want to work on him too. Hehe