Friday, September 18, 2009

Not s'bright*

*Me, not the baby.

So there were a couple of missteps leading up to this picture, where he is guzzling water laced with a little apple juice.

Do you notice the mushy crumb in the corner? That is leftover from a donut--I was feeding him pieces of it. (Probably not sheer genius to give donut pieces to a baby... Misstep #1. Or maybe that should be Misstep 1B, and 1A should be purchasing the donuts.)

Misstep #2: Walking away from the baby in order to get cups of milk and water for the kids, while he was still demanding more food. Yes, I realize that counting donuts as "food" is a stretch. No, my own kids were not drinking the milk (I wish!); that was the neighbor kids.

Misstep #3: Ignoring the baby for two minutes while chatting with the kids about skim milk versus "regular" milk. (Even though skim IS regular at our house. Go figure. "Skim" milk... but donuts?!? Really? Really.)

Misstep #4: Thinking, "Oh, he's in his high chair. I only fed him little crumbs. He's fine."

Suddenly, the unmistakable sound of a baby choking. I rush over, remembering that I'd been in process of feeding him small (really small!) pieces of donut. There seem to be a lot more crumbs on the high chair than I remember. His eyes are watering, and I'm trying to pry open his jaws (mental flashback to last Thursday and the playdough scraping incident) to get out the donut, while wondering how he could choke on such a small piece. I'm also looking at the table, to see where the other half of the donut is. (We're not talking mini-donut, either.) Not on the table. Glance at counter. Not there. Finally get his jaws pried open, and pull out a soggy 1/2 donut.

Yeah, I had left it on his high chair tray! An entire half of a donut! What the...?! Quickly give sippy cup to baby, and he gulps it like it's Happy Hour.

Anyway, it's like I said: not s'bright.


Texas Dimons said...

It could have been half of a cheeseburger! Hate it when scary things like that happen! Glad everyone is ok!

Elizabeth said...

Sorry it has taken me so long to welcome you to the blogging world. I am so proud of you for finally taking the plunge. I can't wait to make your world part of my world again.

Where did you find the kids to be in the photo on the side. I know they can't be yours, because they are way too big and too old to be the kids I last saw in Minnesota. Very cute whoever they are.

Leesa said...

This takes me back to a time when I left it up to Taylor to make sure she put all of her beads away...
Let's just say that I ended up prying 4 small beads out of a screaming Sydney.
Not s'fun!!!!

Lisa said...

Oh he's so cute. Jace could probably chow an entire donut. Yep he's eaten pretty much a whole happy meal. Okay at least quite a bit of one. With what 4 teeth. Amazing. Anyway I can't get Jace to use a sippy. Whats your secret?

Becky said...

What a good little blogger you are... I'm so impressed. Love the poll about last thursday. I'd definately say the Diet Coke. So, more pictures? Yeah.

Cluff Chronicles said...

Tiffany I am so glad you have finally started to write! You make me laugh all the time! I am glad to follow your life! Your baby is sooo cute!!!